Welcome to The Crystal Center of Healing

Hi! my name is crystal and I’m glad you’re here. I am here to help you!

Now ask yourself these questions:

-Are you feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed?

-Are you wanting to create goals or a personal healing plan and also need someone to keep you accountable?

-do you need help with healing emotional, spiritual, or relationship issues?

Did you say yes to any of these questions?

*Then lets setup a free 30 minute consult session to see how i can help you. And you don’t have to be shy, i am by nature a shy person and understand those feelings. Just send me an email and we can talk any way that feels comfortable for you. Also check out the rest of my site and see how i can help.

Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, Well-being is freedom from disease.
—  Dr Mikao Usui/Reiki Founder  

Services By

Appointment Only

Join me in starting a new phase in your life. I am passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a few sessions or a longer commitment, I’ve got exactly what you need.

I offer services in Energy Healing and Life Coaching.  

Are you Ready for Transformation?


Energy Healing

I combine many modalities of healing to give your an hour of relaxation. Some of the modalities I use are: Usui Reiki, Chelation, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Elenari Healing, Reiki Crystal of Awakening.

In-Person sessions are 60 minutes

*Packages are available for 3 or 6 months. Check Store for Details.


Life Coaching

Packages are available for the following areas:

Personal Development


Spiritual Path and Development

Life Coaching can be done via In-Person or Skype Sessions

*Packages will be Three-60 minute sessions per month for 6 or 12 months. Check store for more information.

***Please contact me for pricing!***