Happy New Year! Welcoming 2019...

So New Year, new you? Promises, resolutions, themes? What does it really mean? Typically it means starting something you think you should do and not making it into February woth them. Am I right? How many years have you tried to get yourself to do something because it was trendy or because you quickly said to yourself, I have to because… Sounds a lot like insanity, you know doing the same thing and expecting different results. Let’s work on breaking that cycle.

Instead of resolutions, create a vision for your life. Do some real soul searching of what things you wish to work on or strip away. No time limits, no weigh-ins, no shame, no guilt. Make a plan for this vision by using what works for you to get things accomplished. Some things you may want may have no time limits. You may just want to add something daily to your self care routine, like meditation, something that you will do for the rest of your life. These are things that don’t have to be set in stone. You will want to re-visit to see how your are doing and possibly tweak, because things change and you change. It just may not resonant anymore and that is OK.

Once you come up with some top priority vision to add, then it will be time to create a plan. How will you keep yourself accountable in a gentle way and not forcing yourself to get some checked off just for the sake of checking it off. If you find your vision that you are working on is causing you too much stress then you should then take the time to re-evaulate it, maybe it is something that you just are not ready for and then skip to the next thing on your list. It is ok to come to that conclusion and even better if you figure it out sooner rather than later. There is no shame in realizing you can not work on it at this time. Forcing yourself to do something that you are not ready or equipped for can do more harm than good. Focus on the positive and trash the negative thoughts because they don’t help in anyway.

To stay motivated, and I know I have a lot of days that I just am not motivated, however some things do need to get done. What I personally do in these situations is pick the top 3 things that really need to get done that day, work on those. I then feel great that I did get something accomplished without shaming or guilting myself. An after effect is I get some additional motivation and knock a few more things out. Boom! All is not lost and I give myself a little reward.

Use all your senses with working on and manifesting your life vision. Create a vision board and hang where you most work, write on your bathroon mirror for reminders, create audio affirmations with some uplifting music, how would this vision feel in your body, use your calendar or a paper planner, etc. When you get all your senses involved magical things can happen. Be creative.

All in all we start these resolutions in the begin of our calendar because it makes sense to our monkey brains, to reset. However, we should commit everyday to doing something good for ourselves, taking time for yourself, being present, move the body, move the mind, smell flowers or good food cooking, taste something yummy, feel love and gratitude, and just enjoy some part of our day. Take tiny steps towards your vision and enjoy your journey.

We are perfect the way we are but it is good for us to stretch our imaginations and work on things that will make us happy. When you are happy, you spread that happiness to everyone around you and makes the world a little better to be in. So think about your vision and how to start implementing it. Dont’ rush, don’t shame yourself, instead get excited, and breathe love into it. You will create greatness for yourself. Have fun with it. It is your life so visualize one you will love and be excited about.

Love and Light - Crystal